and even in the midst of the waves, I find peace within

Here's the thing. Waves are inevitable. Life is always a smooth sailing. We'll be floating along, but out of the blue a wave comes crashing over us. And let's be real those waves aren't easy to face. Sometimes we find ourselves drowning in those waves. is here to be real about those waves. Not hide them or be ashamed of them. But to talk about them in a real and raw way. And then to remind us (becuase we're all in this life together) that each wave is worthy. It holds purpose in our lives.

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Waves. We're all impacted by them, but sometimes when we;re in the midst of a wave we don't realize that. So, see the stories and know you aren't alone.

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This whole blog is me sharing my story My messes. The ups AND the downs. I vow to be real and raw. To see what's been on my mind lately...

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Waves Manual

Here you will find several different courses on loving yourslef and living your passion. My passion is blogging and I truly feel like everyone should have a blog so my most popular course is my Ultimate Blogging Course. Helping people share their story is my calling and lifes mission.

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and even in the midst of the waves, I find peace within

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